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“I consider Brent to be more than an elder law attorney… he is a trustworthy friend”

-Carol Ann Miller

-Jean Swiger

Brent is my friend. He helped me through a real tough situation, and I don’t know what I would have done without him. Brent found a way for me to live at the Suites at Heritage Point while preserving my assets. He even helped me sell things I didn’t need or want anymore and discovered I had valuable assets I never even knew about. I have always tried to help others but had never asked anyone for help. Brent was the first person I ever asked for help, and I thank God that I did.

I trust him, and tell everyone I know about him and what he has done for me.


-David Friend, Son of Charles Friend 

“Brent preserved my father’s home and property before entering Mapleshire Nursing Home. He was referred to us while my father was in Health South. He did an amazing job helping us get our ducks in a row. What started out as a very intimidating and vague process turned into a relatively stress free and smooth process. Brent protected my father’s assets which he had worked a lifetime to earn, which has been a great peace of mind for all of us… especially my father.  All of this is thanks to Brent doing everything that he said he would do.

He has certainly earned our trust and conducted himself in a compassionate, professional, and gentleman-like way. We are very thankful for everything he did for us.”

-Bennie Moran (Faith Baptist Pastor)

“The Van Deysen Law Firm helped an elderly couple in our church transition from their home into the Sundale Nursing Home where they could remain together in the same room. Brent made us aware of services that we never knew existed and helped us with the legal difficulties associated with the elderly, social security, hospice care, and veteran’s benefits.

When we encountered areas that were unique to our situation, Brent found the answers and provided the clear legal path for us to take. Without the Van Deysen Law Firm, it would have been impossible for us to maneuver the elderly couple through the maze of legal, technical, and medical difficulties associated with the end of earthly life, especially when there were no family members to help.”

-Carol Ann Smith 

“Brent has volunteered for Senior Monongalians for a long time. He served as president of our board of directors. As president, Brent took over the job when we were thousands of dollars in debt and at the threat of closing our center. Brent studied all of our debts and, with the help of the board, made decisions of what we needed to do to get out of debt. He and the executive director and board members hired a private auditor to go over the books and see what could be done. He studied the books and put motions up before the board to save money for the center. The free bus passes for our seniors have saved the center thousands of dollars.

Brent is always willing to help our seniors in any way that he can and has spent many hours with the board in private sessions working on how to make money and cut costs to save our center. He also has spent many hours with our seniors talking to them and asking for their input and wanting to know what the board can do to help our center. Brent is always willing to help our seniors in any way that he can. He was a Godsend to our center. Our lunches are more nutritional now, and we are now using more quality food vendors thanks to Brent and the board. We are also not in debt any longer.

I consider Brent to be more than an elder law attorney… he is a trustworthy friend. Brent can be trusted both personally and professionally. Without him doing all of the small things and big things he did, we may not have a center any longer.

Thanks Brent!”