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Now is the time to protect your assets. Do you want to keep your property and your lifesavings with your family or spend it all on nursing home care?

With offices in Morgantown and Charleston, Brent L. Van Deysen, an Elder Law Attorney, has dedicated his law practice to helping seniors protect their property and their financial assets from the high costs of nursing home care for over ten years. Van Deysen Law Office, PLLC, as an Elder Law Firm, has acquired specialized knowledge on complex Federal and state laws, rules and regulations regarding Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Benefits. These valuable governmental benefits may be used to pay for nursing home care, assisted living care and in-home care.

You need an Elder Law Attorney to help you plan in advance to protect your property and your lifesavings in case you or your spouse needs nursing home care. You have worked hard to save for your family and should not have to lose your property and your lifesavings if you need nursing home care. We can help ensure that your property and lifesavings will benefit you and your loved ones, not the nursing home or the government.

Our Elder Law Firm is dedicated to serving seniors and their caregivers. Van Deysen Law Office, PLLC will help you choose options that are best suited for your unique needs. Wrong answers could cost you your property and your lifesavings.

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Sound Advice:

If you or your spouse is in a nursing home, it is not too late to plan

If you have not planned for nursing home care in advance, there are still ways that Mr. Van Deysen can protect your assets. If you are paying six or seven thousand dollars per month for nursing home costs, Mr. Van Deysen may be able to help you get Medicaid to pay those costs in as little as thirty days while protecting your assets for your spouse or your loved ones.